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Special Series on Feature Prioritization: Part Two

Understanding and Maximizing Your Use of Kano Analysis The most common trade-off analyses, MaxDiff and conjoint, are excellent techniques for quantifying feature preferences, but don’t always tell the whole story.  Features have nuances, and often the calculated...

How Secure is YOUR Research Data?

Five questions to determine if your vendor has your security interests in mind Data security, as it pertains to both your company’s critical market research data and the personally identifiable information (PII) in your customer and prospect lists, is coming under...

Why survey design is like pulling teeth

Most people don’t rely on their own personal knowledge of dentistry to conduct dental exams and treatments as part of their overall health maintenance; instead, they go to a dentist. Similarly, most businesses don’t count survey design as a core competency, but they...

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MDC Research is a full service, custom market research supplier that delivers high-touch research and consulting to clients such as Microsoft, Intel, Goodwill, State Farm and dozens of others.  For a full description of our services, follow this link to our main web site.

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