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MDC Research exists to help you make sound business decisions. We make sure you have the information you need for any project, product, service or campaign—and that it’s both accurate and timely.


Whether you’re conducting web or telephone surveys, online panels, focus groups, ethnographic studies, or using other methodologies; whether your project is domestic or international in scope; whether you’re targeting the general population or a B2B audience, MDC’s 35+ years of experience and dedication to customer service work to your advantage.


By applying our collective experience, knowledge and creativity, MDC Research’s consulting teams design the best solutions for your research challenge so you can get practical information that can be put to use right away.


We call this approach high-touch research.


Learn much more about us — services, key personnel, client testimonials, etc. — by visiting:

Who we are

MDC Research is a full service, custom market research supplier that delivers high-touch research and consulting to clients such as Microsoft, Intel, Goodwill, State Farm and dozens of others.  For a full description of our services, follow this link to our main web site.

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